About the DeafIT Academy

The DeafIT Academy, an accessible IT education platform.

The DeafIT Academy offers lectures and webinars on the topic of information technology, with the aim of giving all participants access to digital (further) education. The diverse and professional lectures and workshops are accessible to everyone thanks to sign, written, and spoken language.

Whether deaf, hard of hearing, CI-wearing, hearing, young or old: Everyone should receive the opportunity of further education together, can exchange ideas and experience both empowerment and diversity – diversity for higher professional goals.

What is DeafIT Academy for?

To regularly provide all participants with digital webinars and workshops on the spectrum of information technology topics.

We are convinced that a learning platform consisting of regular digital training offers the greatest added value for all participants. Because there are currently too few inclusive educational and information events in the field of IT, which is characterized by its fast pace. This new platform offers a unique opportunity to engage in inclusive IT networking to support professional development.

In Germany, there are over 80,000 deaf people and over 16 million people who are hard of hearing. The majority of them require additional special access to attend events: sign language interpreting, live subtitling or, for example, wireless speaker systems for cochlear implants (CI) and hearing aids. Some 200,000 people need access to German Sign Language (DGS) in part or permanently in order to achieve full participation.

Deaf/hoh IT professionals have great difficulty attending professional IT-related webinars when interpreting, live subtitles, or other solutions are not offered. Affected people often have to take care of the organization of sign language interpreters or live transcription themselves. With this form of webinars, the DeafIT team wants to break down barriers in communication and language.

Who organizes the DeafIT Academy?

The organizer of the DeafIT Academy is the DeafIT team. We are an independent, mixed, and interdisciplinary team with experienced members who have many years of expertise within and outside the IT industry and who contribute voluntarily to the DeafIT Academy.

Under the heading “Team” you can get to know the team members.

The DeafIT team is part of theDeaf Association of Munich and Environs(GMU).